Now Offering Step Down Ferrules in Standard and Truncated Lengths

Dave Norling's Fine Cane Rods

My father built his first rod in about 1946 from a Leonard Herters kit.  He never stopped.  Good fortune has allowed that we unite in this passion and we have been making rods together for quite a few years now.  We have developed our rods based on field use.  Our rods are durable and responsive in addition to beautiful.  They are not flashy, we believe that "double barrel shotguns and fly rods should be more like a ruffed grouse than a rooster pheasant".  We have developed our own tapers most of which began based on E.C. Powells work.  At this time we have a wide array of tapers ranging from 3 wt to 13 foot two handed Spey.  All of our rods are hollow.  All of our hollowing involves an internal taper.  All of our rods are heat treated. Photo compliment of Håkan Norling
Bespoke rods available upon request, contact Dave at, or 612-839-3947  Allow a six month build time provided we are not too far behind.
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